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GPS Landlord Protection Plan

Every property to be inspected between tenants for Bed Bugs, Fleas, Rodents, Roaches and Termites. Guaranteed.

By doing this you will eliminate the question of who brought the pests into the property therefore saving yourself time and MONEY.

GPS also offers cleaning services that can be done after the pest inspection is complete at very competitive rates.


 1-866-GRAMSKY (472-6759)

A pest free home and a clean house go hand in hand. We will be here to help every step of the way.

Locally owned Gramsky Pest Solutions is a full-service pest control company that specializes in preventative and routine maintenance pest control paired with expert bed bug elimination techniques for residential and commercial properties. Owned and operated since 2013, we provide affordable and professional residential and commercial pest control solutions throughout Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. No matter what pests or rodents are invading, our pest solution plans can be customized to eliminate infestations unique to your needs.  


Our Services

Pest Inspection

We will thoroughly inspect your property for any indication of unwanted pests and provide a detailed plan of action you can take to eliminate them.


General Crawling Insect Service

Ants-Spiders-Earwigs-Centipedes-Millipedes-Stink Bugs-Beetles-Box Elder Bugs

Interior and Exterior treatments.

Chemical and/or bait treatment service.


Bed Bugs

Commercial and Residential Bed Bug Control


Chemical treatment with monitoring and encasement for box springs and mattresses available. 

All sleeping surfaces and all furniture will be treated. 

All baseboards, carpeting, and woodwork will be treated along with any visible cracks and crevices.

Extended guarantee available


Stinging Insect

Stinging Insects


Hornets-Wasps-Yellow Jackets-Bees

Chemical and/or Dusting treatment. Removal of nests when possible for Hornets-Wasps-Yellowjackets.

Honey Bees will not be exterminated.



Mosquito, Flea and Tick Treatments

We will use a chemical treatment for the entire lawn creating a barrier for these disease-carrying pests.  Bi-monthly treatments are ideal. This treatment will protect your family and give you back your peace of mind.


Cockroach Services

Chemical and/or bait treatment service.  Preparation is required and a list will be provided before service.

Blue on white spray bottle

Residential & Commercial Cleaning

We will thoroughly clean your property top to bottom!  Carpet Cleaning is also an option!


Rodent Removal & Trapping


We will set traps and/or bait stations, close points of entry and remove dead carcasses.  Clean up of droppings and urine is also available.  Follow up appointments are apart of this service.

Available for Mice-Rat-Chipmunk-Squirrel-Raccoon-Groundhog-Possum-Mole-Bat-Bird

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